Parents play an important part in helping their children become confident, fluent readers. Reading at home is just as important as reading at school but sometimes parents aren't sure how to best help their children. Below are a range of videos, documents and websites containing some fantastic hints, tips and strategies for parents when they are listening to their child reading at home.

Download a great reading guide for parents. More languages coming soon.

Reading Resources

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Why not try reading along with an ebook online? The Book Trust website has a selection of free stories you and your child can read on a tablet such as an iPad or even a laptop. Click the link to select a book.

You can also use the Book Finder to browse books for older children that might be available in books shops, your local library or even the school library.

Looking for inspiration for a good book to read with your child at home? Check out the finalists and winners of The Children’s Choice Book Awards. The awards go back to 2008 and are organised into age catergories (American but close enough!). Click the image below to go to the website.

These videos are great for explaining the techniques you can use when listening to your child read at home.